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Here at Stockholm SUP you are always welcome, never mind the time of the day! When the weather is kind to us we are open from 10 AM until the last customer has returned (usually around 8-11 PM), and during those times it works perfectly to come by and do a drop-in. If you, on the other hand, want to ensure that we are available even if the weather is bad or at a perhaps slightly odd time, and you want to make certain that there is a SUP board reserved then for you we recommend you to make a booking here on our website.

The simplest way to book is on the website, HERE. If you wish to book for a bigger company or a time which is outside the suggested time slots we recommend you to call us at: +4670 7717273.

Cancelling a booking
You are always welcome to re-book another time at no extra charge!

  • if you cancel 7 or more days before the originally booked slot: full refund
  • if you cancel 1-7 days before the originally booked time slot: 50% refund
  • if you cancel less than a day before the originally booked time slot: no refund

You can pay at site – we accept cash, Swish and bank card payments. If you book in advance through our website you will be asked to pay directly there.

Rent SUP:
SUP 2hrs 270 sek/person
SUP 4hrs 400 sek/person

Other offers
SUP course 90 min 270 sek/person
SUP yoga 90 min 270 sek/person